"We're building the number-one comparison affiliate for digital goods."

Our Core Values

We ♥ Owning Outcomes

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We ♥ Data

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We ♥ Getting Shit Done


We ♥ Growing Together

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Our History

We Love X is born
In 2013 an idea and a shared dream became WLX, thanks to Till & Dave, two professionals with diverse backgrounds who knew that We Love X could add a great deal of value to the affiliate industry.
Profitable since the first year
From the beginning, We Love X has been a company that adds value for many advertisers who achieved less success with other affiliate companies. The engagement, professionalism, and care that We Love X takes in delivering results help us form strong partnerships to focus on the right KPIs. Because of this, WLX has become the ideal partner for many affiliates.
The team gets bigger
Since Till and Dave started the company, the team has grown considerably, allowing the company to achieve better quality and more efficiency, making We Love X faster and more competitive than many other affiliates companies.
Winner Newcomer Ecommerce Affiliate Award 2020
We did it! The Best Fintech Affiliate Award 2020 is ours!
wlx christmas party 2020
Our team has grown to 24+ colleagues!
The years have passed, and We Love X has evolved in many ways. Our team is bigger than ever, and we are hiring top talent and also people that really love what they do.
Striving for Growth
In 2022 we want to grow our business by another 42%.

Our team

Till - CEO
Hanna - Head of HR
Sally - Talent Acquisition Manager
Natalia - Project Manager
Schansab - Head of Sales
Steven - Ad Operation Manager
Yossi - Key-Account-Manager
Diego - Key-Account-Manager
Rachel - Key-Account-Manager
Pablo - Key-Account-Manager
Ray - Head of Marketing
Dimitris - SEM Manager & VM
Alex - SEM Manager
Rene - SEM Manager
Pontus - SEM Manager / VM
Dominik - SEM Manager
Usama - Product Manager
Anatolij - Head of BI & IT
Abhilasha - Product Owner
Piyush - BI
Nicole - Key-Account-Manager
Nando - Head of Finance
Zuzanna - Head of Accounting
Kseniia - Invoicing & Accounting
Gabriela - Business Dev
Seersha - Content Project Manager
Julien - SEM Manager

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